eNews February 2018

Meet the Researcher: Kevin Boyko, New Mexico State University (continued)

Upon finishing his undergraduate degree, Kevin spent time traveling and climbing throughout the U.S. He was also camp manager and guide for Northeastern University during a summer field study in Iceland. Kevin then moved back to Florida for a few years where he was responsible for setting routes at two climbing gyms. While living in Florida, Kevin also worked as a field geologist for an environmental engineering firm specializing in soil and groundwater cleanup of petroleum contamination.

After working as the field geologist for numerous environmental remediation projects, and engaging in a self-supported bike tour travelling to climb remote Patagonian Big-Walls in South America, Kevin moved back to New Mexico to further his studies at NMSU. He currently maintains soil moisture and climate stations, and analyzes field data for irrigation budgets. Kevin plans to complete his master’s degree research at the end of summer 2018, and hopes to publish his work soon after.