Leon Metz to give first Albert E. Utton Memorial Water Lecture at Annual Water Conference

In honor of the memory of one of our most valued water colleagues, at this year’s water conference we will inaugurate the Albert E. Utton Memorial Water Lecture. Al was a primary contributor to our knowledge and understanding of the benefits of the Rio Grande Compact. With his passing, an important colleague and mentor will no longer be present to enrich our investigation and understanding of the water resources of New Mexico. We are deeply indebted to his academic and professional contributions. Al gave many a colorful presentation at New Mexico water conferences over the past 30 years. To celebrate the enthusiasm Al brought to the fascinating history behind water issues and to foster his passion for intellectual discourse, we have arranged for one of the West’s most sought after lecturers, Leon Metz, to deliver the first Albert E. Utton Memorial Water Lecture.

Join us on the evening of December 2, 1999 at 7:00 pm at La Fonda in Santa Fe for dinner and listen to Leon Metz give us his rendition of the lore behind the Rio Grande Compact. For information on tickets, call the WRRI at 505-646-4337 or email eduran@wrri.nmsu.edu







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