News Archive - 2014

Governor Susana Martinez announces $2M proposal for support of NM WRRI

The New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute was pleased to hear the announcement by Governor Susana Martinez of her $2M proposal for support of water research through the NM WRRI. The funding will elevate the statewide institute to meet additional water research needs associated with drought, water scarcity, water planning, and water quality. Included in the $2M initiative is a $350,000 base budget expansion originally approved as the #1 NMSU priority for Research and Public Service Project funding. Additional funding proposed by Governor Martinez includes $800,000 for a statewide water assessment, $100,000 for an NMSU faculty position for regional water budgeting, $450,000 for sustained long-term water research, and $300,000 for a Center for Water Excellence.

This recommendation still needs to be adopted by the New Mexico legislature in the upcoming 2014 session before getting final signature from the governor. Everyone can be a winner on this. Please contact your legislator to support expanded funding for NM WRRI.