The Albert E. Utton Memorial Water Lecture

In recognition of Al’s service to the New Mexico Water Community and to those he served worldwide, the Water Resources Research Institute has established the Albert E. Utton Memorial Water Lecture Fund. The Fund will provide financial support to speakers who are specially selected to give a lecture at WRRI’s Annual New Mexico Water Conferences. We think Al would be pleased to know that his interests and ideals are being pursued through this lecture series.’

Albert E. Utton - 1931-1998

Bobby J. Creel Endowed Scholarship in the Water Science and Education Center

Support New Mexico State University student research in water-related fields by contributing to: Bobby J. Creel Endowed Scholarship in the Water Science and Education Center 

On February 15, 2010, the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute lost a dear colleague, Bobby J. Creel. Dr. Creel began working for the NM WRRI in 1986 and served as Associate Director and Interim Director. Prior to working fulltime at the institute, he had worked on many institute projects starting in 1972. Throughout his career at NM WRRI, Bobby received nearly 60 grants and oversaw many projects, including the development of one of his favorite projects, the Geographical Information Systems Lab, which employed many students over the past decade. Having authored dozens of reports and complex maps, Bobby was involved in many water-related projects in the state and region. In the days following his unexpected death, the staff received many calls and emails with condolences of the great loss of a gentle person and friend who had great knowledge and insight into water resources management and planning in New Mexico. It was repeated many times that he was someone who could be counted on professionally. He will be greatly missed. To honor Bobby, the NM WRRI dedicates the 55th Annual New Mexico Water Conference to his memory.