eNews October 2016

NM WRRI Technical Completion Report on a Database for Produced Water in New Mexico Now Available (continued)

A number of years ago, the PRRC began to compile data on the quality and quantity of produced water into the New Mexico Water and Infrastructure Data System (NM WAIDS) database as part of a project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The project entailed the design and creation of a water quality database, web-based interfaces to the data including a GIS map server, and integral tools to provide operators and regulators with necessary data and useful information to help them make management and regulatory decisions regarding produced water.

The work just completed was started in 2014, and it has completely upgraded and revised the NM WAIDS database and web site, while maintaining much of the functionality of the old site. The goals of the project were to improve the database quality, recode and upgrade the web site, and add new data and GIS functionality. The water quality database has been augmented, standardized, quality checked, and published online. Over 2,700 new records have been added, and all data have undergone verification and correction. GIS data are available through NM WRRI at:, while the database can be searched and tabular data downloaded via PRRC’s website at