April 2017 eNews

NMSU Graduate Students Attend Workshop on Securing a Sustainable Water Future for the Paso Del Norte Region (continued)

Much of the March meeting focused on a series of planned engagements with regional water stakeholders intended for late summer 2017 to present and discuss modeling results. Those workshops will center on the theme of drought and climate adaptation to achieve the following goals:

  1. present model validation results for the Bucket Model as well as demonstrate the model
    with historical data on water supplies and use for the period 1993-2012;
  2. present model results for a series of projected climate scenarios and use the results
    as a platform for discussion of climate, water supply, and water demand;
  3. introduce the user interface, by which stakeholders can experiment with alternative climate
    scenarios as well as policy responses of their choosing; and
  4. discover what kinds of policy responses stakeholders would like to see to guide
    future model development.