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The main researchers for this project are: Ana Garcia-Vasquez (graduate student, NMSU), Alexander Fernald (Director, NM WRRI), AJ Robertson (Hydrologist, USGS NM Water Science Center), and Alfredo Granados-Olivas (Professor of Research, UACJ).

This project brings together hydrogeochemical data from the Mesilla and Hueco aquifers shared between the US and Mexico. Studies from both aquifers provide hydrogeochemical data from the last 10 to 20 years that allow us to know the origin and movement of groundwater. The isotopic signature gives us the age of the water. The age of the water indicates the origin of the water, the geological structure, the salinization of the sources, and the possible recharging points. This information is an important part of water management that can help develop policies and maintain the sustainability of aquifers. A report using this hydrogeochemical and isotopic information will provide a complete international sketch of the shared aquifers.