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Efforts to Improve Models of Surface Water and Groundwater in the
Transboundary Mesilla-Conejos Médanos Aquifer

The major investigators for this project are Kevin Perez (Program Specialist, NM WRRI), and Alexander Fernald (Director, NM WRRI).

This project combines previous modeling efforts of the Mesilla-Conejos Médanos aquifer and applies state-of-the-art knowledge in hydrological and groundwater flow in order to meet three objectives: 1) provide the NM WRRI the elements to improve the surface water and groundwater models in the Mesilla-Conejos Médanos Aquifer and, therefore, 2) to propose to the community stakeholders and TAAP research collaborators an in-depth discussion about which modelling paradigm should be used in the coming years in the US-Mexico boundary zone, and, 3) identify opportunities to merge the capabilities of both RGTIHM and system models (such as the DSWB model).