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New Mexico University Researchers Assess Water Supply Challenges

In 2014, New Mexico’s State Legislature funded a New Mexico Universities Working Group to look at the state’s water supply vulnerabilities. The Group was asked to (1) assess the current status of water supply and demand after years of severe drought in New Mexico; (2) put the current drought into long-term context with reduced surface water, groundwater depletions, and economic activity; and (3) develop a list of vulnerabilities and promote policy strategies to mitigate these vulnerabilities. The research focused on the Lower Rio Grande.

Researchers from all three research universities in New Mexico participated in the study and included both water and social scientists. The Group included Janie Chermak, UNM Professor of Economics; David Gutzler, UNM Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences; Peggy Johnson, Principal Hydrogeologist with NM Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources at NM Tech; J. Phillip King, NMSU John Clark Distinguished Professor in the Civil Engineering Department; and UNM Bureau of Business and Economic Research Professor Lee Reynis. The researchers were assisted by several undergraduate and graduate students.

The Groups Final Report to the Interim Committee on Water and Natural Resources was presented in August 31, 2015. The report includes an executive summary with Key Findings, Recommendations, and Principal Vulnerabilities. Click Here to view the report.

One Hundred Years of Water Wars in New Mexico 1912-2012

The book, part of the New Mexico Centennial History Series, contains 16 chapters on the many complex and messy fights, legal and otherwise, over precious water in a semiarid western state. Focusing on the past one hundred years constituting New Mexico's statehood, contributors describe the often convoluted and always intriguing stories that have shaped New Mexico's water past and that will, without doubt, influence its future history.

Order books by emailing NM WRRI at nmwrri@nmsu.edu and in the subject line enter: Water Wars book. Make checks payable to NM WRRI, and mail to NM WRRI, MSC 3167, New Mexico State University, PO Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001. Or call 575-646-4337 with your credit card number. Books are $20, which includes tax and postage.


Trans-International Boundary Aquifers in Southwestern New Mexico

by John W. Hawley, Barry J. Hibbs, John F. Kennedy, Bobby J. Creel, Marta D. Remmenga, Molly Johnson, Monica M. Lee, and Phil Dinterman; Technical Completion Report prepared for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
- Region 6 and the International Boundary and Water Commission - U.S. Section; March 2000.

March 2000, 11" x 17" containing numerous color maps plus CDROM of data, Hardcopy Cost $50.00

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Transboundary Aquifers of the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez/Las Cruces Region

Prepared by the Texas Water Development Board and New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute, October 1997, 11" x 17" containing numerous color maps and charts plus CDROM of data, Hardcopy Cost $50.00

Journal of Transboundary Water Resources, Volume 01, February 2010

Edited by Erin Ward and Edgard A. Barrantes. This NM WRRI publication consist of articles derived from the 2009 New Mexico State University hosted conference, “Transboundary Water Crises: Learning from Our Neighbors in the Rio Grande and Jordan River Watersheds.” The event brought together experts from the world of water planning, water management, and water policy who spoke of their activities in the Jordan and Rio Grande basins.

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