NM WRRI Announces Student Water Research Grants (continued)

Eastern New Mexico University

Christine C. Gilbertson, Anthropology and Applied Archaeology, MS; (Dr. John Montgomery)
Historic and ancient ditch irrigation inform current systems:  A cross cultural comparison from Creekside Village of Tularosa, New Mexico   

Thanchira Suriyamongkol, Biology, MS; (Dr. Ivana Mali)
Monitoring basking activity and assessing water conditions in relation to basking of Rio Grande cooters along the Black River


New Mexico Highlands University

Ryan Mann, Environmental Geology Program, MS; (Dr. Jennifer Lindline)
Further investigation of the complex hydrology at La Cienega, Santa Fe County, NM


New Mexico State University

Galathara Lekamalage Chathurika Lakshani Bandara, Civil Engineering, PhD; (Dr. Nagamany Nirmalakhandan and Dr. Pei Xu)
Potable water recovery through energy efficient algal wastewater treatment and hybrid membrane processes

Lin Chen, Civil Engineering, PhD; (Dr. Pei Xu)
Water reuse and desalination with self-cleaning photocatalytic membrane distillation

Xiaoxiao Cheng, Civil Engineering, PhD; (Dr. Yanyan Zhang)
Developing new strategies to mitigate antimicrobial resistance for safe water reuse

Jason Fechner, Plant and Environmental Sciences, BS; (Dr. April Ulery)
Gold King Mine Spill: Contaminant removal of San Juan County rivers via phytoremediation

Lei Hu, Civil Engineering, PhD; (Dr. Yanyan Zhang)
Recovery of ammonium and magnesium from produced water by struvite precipitation

Khandaker Iftekharul Islam, Geography, and Water Science and Management Program, PhD;
(Dr. Christopher Brown)
An efficient forecasting of hydrologic extremes under climate change

Gaurav Jha, Plant and Environmental Sciences, PhD; (Dr. April Ulery)
Speciation of metal (loids) in agricultural field soils impacted by Animas/San Juan River after the 2015 Gold King Mine Spill

Esmaiil Mokarighahroodi, Plant and Environmental Sciences, PhD; (Dr. Manoj Shukla)
Optimizing fertilizer application and leaching under abiotic stresses within and below the root zone of pecan orchards

Jackson Powers, Plant and Environmental Sciences, MS; (Dr. Ryan Goss)
Herbicide phytotoxicity under drought conditions in warm and cool season turfgrass


New Mexico Tech

Angelica Cave, Biology, MS; (Dr. Linda DeVeaux)
Antibiotic resistance in wastewater treatment: the effects of different treatment methods on the differential survival of antibiotic resistant pathogens over non-resistant bacteria through the treatment process of two different wastewater treatment plants

Alexandra Pearce, Earth and Environmental Science, PhD; (Dr. Kierran Maher)
Mineralogical and Kinetic Considerations for Uranium Leaching

Kyle Stark, Earth and Environmental Science, MS; (Dr. Daniel Cadol)
Preparing a sediment monitoring station on an ephemeral channel for summer monsoon flows


University of New Mexico

Holly Brause, Anthropology, PhD; (Dr. David Dinwoodie)
The everyday politics of irrigated agriculture and an uncertain future

Jon K. Golla, Earth and Planetary Sciences, MS; (Dr. Laura J. Crossey)
Surface water quality implications of Valles Caldera geothermal fluids on Jemez watershed: A holistic hydrogeochemical investigation

Monika Hobbs, Water Resources Program, MWR; (Dr. Rebecca Bixby)
Ecological responses in a river with more and less water: a case study of the highly managed Chama River, New Mexico

Suzanne Stradling, Economics, PhD; (Dr. Janie Chermak)
Hydroelectric management on the Rio Chama: examining costs and benefits from non-consumptive flow management between the El Vado and Abiquiu reservoirs